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Seerowers: Boetie gaan Somalië toe…

In Puntland, in die verre noord-ooste van Somalië, voer ’n groep Suid-Afrikaanse huursoldate ’n amper vergeefse stryd teen seerowers, In die annale van moderne seerowery is die verhaal van die Panamese vragskip die Iceberg 1 genoeg om enige seevaarder nagmerries te gee.

Dié skip van 4 500 ton is in Maart 2010 net buite Aden aan die kus van ­Jemen gekaap met 25 bemanningslede aan boord. Nadat die eienaars geweier het om die losprys van $10 miljoen te betaal het die langste seerower-drama in moderne geskiedenis ontvou.

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Get ready for the ‘blood moons’: Rare series of lunar eclipses set to begin tonight

By Jonathan Block and Mark Prigg

The first of four rare ‘blood moon’ eclipses is set to happen tonight.The event, known as a ‘Tetrad’, is believed to mark the the beginning of significant events – even the second coming of Jesus Christ to a Christian minority.However, for the rest of us, it means a unique spectacle as a total lunar eclipse tonight will turn the moon a burnt reddish orange.

A previous total lunar eclipse as seen from Mexico city on December 21, 2010: tonight's will be visible across America from 2AM

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Google swoops in to beat Facebook in battle to buy drone firm

By Mark Prigg and Sarah Griffiths

Google has beaten Facebook to buy drone firm Titan Aerospace in a bid to to bring the internet to the developing world.Facebook had been expected to acquire the firm – but today Google revealed it had pipped them to the post.The firm hopes to use the drones to bring internet access to large parts of the developing world, alongside its Project Loon balloon project.

Facebook is tipped to spend $60million on buying Titan Aerospace, which makes drones (pictured) that can fly solo for five years without needing to land, to bring affordable internet access to five billion people who don¿t have it

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